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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about placing an order with Sharp Shot Images. If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


What if I don't know the platoon or March Out parade date?

You will need to contact the recruit who marched out and find out the details. Alternatively if you know the March out date but not the platoon contact us and we can look up the details.

What information do I need to order?

The March out date & platoon number of the recruit. Depending on the order, you may also be required to provide the section number and full name of the recruit.

When will I be able to view and order photos of my recruit?

Platoon galleries are not available to view until the final week of training, prior to the march out parade. Most of the photos are taken in the final 2-3 weeks of their training so everything is uploaded at the same time. This is also to allow the recruits the first opportunity to view their photos, and to avoid doubling up on orders. Sometimes recruits may miss a portrait sitting due to injury/illness/backsquading and therefore will not have certain products (frames, packs etc) available to purchase – waiting to order will avoid disappointment and refunds.

The recruits will visit our on-base store on the Thursday evening before their parade (reserve recruits will visit on the Wednesday evening), where they will be picking up images they have pre-ordered and have the chance to view and purchase their portrait frames and photo packs. After this, the galleries will become available here and the recruits will be given the password to share with family.

Orders for recruits will NOT be taken before the gallery is available and we have seen the recruits in-store. This is to avoid families doubling up on and cancelling orders, and in the event of a recruit missing a photo sitting or being back-squadded, to avoid purchasing images they don’t have available.

Can I watch the parade live stream?

We live stream every march out parade for free on our website here The stream is free to watch and there is no password required to view. After the parade is finished we will make the stream available to rewatch for anyone who was unable to watch it live, until the following Monday. After this it is only available to purchase on DVD.

Weather conditions and the overall connection quality of Kapooka may cause buffering and quality drops, while we will try to fix those as soon as they happen to the best of our ability we can’t always guarantee a smooth stream. This will not affect the quality of the edited DVD footage as this is taken directly from the camera storage cards.

How long is delivery?

All products ordered (including packages, DVDs and frames) have an estimated delivery time of 4 weeks.

All products are sent via Australia Post, DVDs and frames are sent via Registered Post and prints are sent by standard post.

Frames are packaged with bubble wrap and thick corrugated cardboard, the glass is replaced with Perspex and are also sent via registered post.

I can't find a particular recruit.

Sometimes the recruits refuse photos to be taken, or are injured within the time allocated for the shoot. Our photographers also only have a limited time to capture multiple shots of 40-100 recruits during their training. However, there are usually some photos of them either action photos or portrait. Alternatively there have been instances where family members have had a hard time identifying recruits due to face paint or uniforms. If you require assistance identifying recruits please contact us.

What photos can Reserve (35 day) recruits purchase?

Sharp Shot Images is only given access to photograph & film certain parts of the reserve recruit training and March out. Bayonet assault course training and challenge portrait photos are taken for the 35 day recruits.


What type of photos can I order?

There are a variety of sizes and packages available to suit your needs.

All portrait photos can be purchased as individual prints, part of a pack or framed.

The Premium family pack includes 28 photos:

  • Four 8×12 inch headshots of the recruit; 2 in their dress/pollies uniform serious and smiling, 2 in their cams with rifle,
  • Four 5×7 inch copies of the above headshots,
  • 16 wallet size copies of the above headshots; 4 of each image
  • Four 8×12 inch prints of the recruit’s section and platoon in dress/pollies uniform and cams.

You may also choose from either Dress or Challenge pack, which will include the 14 photos of either dress/pollies or cams as listed above. Reserve recruits do not get portraits taken in their dress/pollies uniform so there is only the Challenge pack available for them. Some recruits may miss their sitting for either dress or cams due to illness/injury and so some full time recruits may only have one of the above available; please check with your recruit or our staff before ordering if you are unsure. Examples can be found under Packages.

Premium framed portraits are available with either the dress/pollies headshot or the cams/challenge headshot. The Dress frame includes either the serious or smiling headshot, the complete Dress platoon photo and 2 engraved badges displaying the year of march out, platoon and company. The Challenge frame includes either the close-up or full length cams uniform picture, the section group image in the cams uniform and the year/platoon badges. Examples may be found under Framed Portraits.

Action photos can be purchased individually, either 6 x 4, 5 x 7, 8 x 12, or 12 x 18 inch size.

A collage or magazine cover can also be purchased by choosing the photos you want (either action or portrait photos). This is not yet available as an option in our store so to order please call or email us with the image numbers and details. Examples of the magazine cover and collage can be found under Specialty Products.

Please see Products for further examples and prices.

What's the difference between Portrait and Action photos?

There are 2 main categories of photos you can choose from. Portrait photos and Action photos.

Portrait photos consist of still photos taken of the recruits in their dress (Pollies) uniform and again in their challenge gear.

Action photos are taken while the recruits are training. These are live shoots taken during the highwire, bayonets & obstacle courses.

What comes in the DVD?

80 Day DVD (for full-time recruits) includes footage of their arrival at Kapooka and first haircuts, highwire training, bayonet training & obstacle training. It also includes the complete March out Parade.

35 Day Reserve DVD (for reserve recruits) includes footage of the recruits first haircuts, bayonet assault course, and section attack in the final challenge; as well as the complete March out parade.

The DVDs are platoon-specific where possible; however there are times when staff may choose to run both sister platoons through the training together. In this instance it is incredibly difficult for us to tell who each recruit is and what platoon they belong to, so the training footage will be combined. The DVD cannot be made just of your recruit – we do not know them as well as you and we can’t easily pick each person’s own footage out. It would also require us to edit 40-50 separate DVDs per platoon, increasing the wait time and cost of the DVDs beyond a reasonable amount.  DVDs also only contain video footage, if you require digital photos please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase.

Online Shootproof Gallery

ALL questions about ordering through the online Shootproof Gallery.
  1. The Action & Dress & Challenge galleries are separated due to price differences for items. You will need to make separate orders for each gallery but this will NOT cost extra, and they will be combined upon postage where possible. Certain items such as DVDs may be posted separately due to envelope size.
  2. To purchase a framed portrait, select the portrait photo of the recruit, then select Buy Photo. Under Products you will find the Premium Portrait Frame option. Select this and add this image to your cart to order the frame. The frame will include the image you have selected on the top right, the Dress Platoon photo for Dress portrait photos and the Challenge (camo) section photo for Challenge portraits at the bottom of the frame, and the two company and platoon badges on the top left.
  3. To purchase a Family photo pack, select ANY of the recruit’s individual photos then select Buy Photo. Under Products you will find Family Pack, Challenge Pack and Dress Pack. To receive BOTH Dress & Challenge photos, select the Family Pack. Reserve platoons do not get dress uniform portraits taken while at Kapooka so the ONLY option is the Challenge Pack. Add this image to your cart to receive the selected Pack. More information about what is included in these products can be found on this page below.
  4. The Training & March Out DVD is found in the ACTION Gallery for your platoon. There should be an image of the DVD cover at the beginning of the gallery, if not then select ANY image, then select Buy Photo. The first option will be Training & March Out DVD. Add this to cart to purchase the DVD.
  5. Galleries are deactivated after two months to allow room for newer galleries to be added. To view them again please call or email us with the platoon number and march out date and we will reactivate the galleries and provide you the password.
  6. If you receive an email stating your order is Pending, this is just to let you know we have received your order and are in the process of completing it. If any further action is required on an order we will contact you.
  7. If you are not able to log in using the provided password, please ensure you are logging into the gallery with the correct date and that you are typing the password with no spaces and in all capital letters.
  8. The only payment option Shootproof allows us to use at this stage is Paypal. If you are unable to pay by Paypal please contact us with the complete details of your order, your postal address and your preferred method of payment – direct deposit or credit card.