FAQ - Sharp Shot Images
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What if I don’t know the platoon or March out parade date?

You will need to contact the recruit whom marched out and find out the details. Alternatively if you know the March out date but not the platoon contact the lab and get them to look up the details to see if we can help you.

What types of photos can I order?

There are a variety of sizes and packages available to suit your needs.

All portrait photos can be purchased as individual prints, part of a pack or framed.

The Premium family pack includes 28 photos:

  • Four 8×12 inch headshots of the recruit; 2 in their dress/pollies uniform serious and smiling, 2 in their cams with rifle,
  • Four 5×7 inch copies of the above headshots,
  • 16 wallet size copies of the above headshots; 4 of each image
  • Four 8×12 inch prints of the recruit’s section and platoon in dress/pollies uniform and cams.

You may also choose from either Dress or Challenge pack, which will include the 14 photos of either dress/pollies or cams as listed above. Reserve recruits do not get portraits taken in their dress/pollies uniform so there is only the Challenge pack available for them. Some recruits may miss their sitting for either dress or cams due to illness/injury and so some full time recruits may only have one of the above available; please check with your recruit or our staff before ordering if you are unsure. Examples can be found under Packages.

Premium framed portraits are available with either the dress/pollies headshot or the cams/challenge headshot. The Dress frame includes either the serious or smiling headshot, the complete Dress platoon photo and 2 engraved badges displaying the year of march out, platoon and company. The Challenge frame includes either the close-up or full length cams uniform picture, the section group image in the cams uniform and the year/platoon badges. Examples may be found under Framed Portraits.

Action photos can be purchased individually, either 6 x 4, 5 x 7, 8 x 12, or 12 x 18 inch size.

A collage or magazine cover can also be purchased by choosing the photos you want (either action or portrait photos). This is not yet available as an option in our store so to order please call or email us with the image numbers and details. Examples of the magazine cover and collage can be found under Specialty Products.

Please see Products for further examples and prices.

What’s the difference between Portrait photos and Action photos?

There are 2 main categories of photos you can choose from. Portrait photos and Action photos.

Portrait photos consist of still photos taken of the recruits in their dress (Pollies) uniform and again in their challenge gear.

Action photos are taken while the recruits are training. These are live shoots taken during the highwire, bayonets & obstacle courses.

What information do I need to order photos?

The March out date & platoon number of the recruit. Depending on the order, you may also be required to provide the section number and full name of the recruit.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs vary from product to product and upon location. Please contact the office if a quote is required.

How long for delivery?

All photos ordered and purchased (including packages and frames) have an estimated delivery time of 10 working days.

All DVDs have an estimated delivery time of 4 to 5 weeks from the March out Date, if the platoon March out date is outside of this time then 10 working days is also allocated to DVDs.

All products are sent via Australia Post.

All DVDs and frames are sent via Registered Post.

Frames are packaged with bubble wrap and thick corrugated cardboard, the glass is replaced with Perspex and are also sent via registered post.

What comes in the DVD?

80 Day DVD (for full-time recruits) includes footage of their arrival at Kapooka and first haircuts, highwire training, bayonet training & obstacle training. It also includes the complete March out Parade.

35 Day Reserve DVD (for reserve recruits) includes footage of the recruits first haircuts, bayonet assault course, and section attack in the final challenge; as well as the complete March out parade.

What is the difference between a Premium frame & a Standard frame?

We no longer offer standard frames. Premium fames are 6.5cm wide and are handmade from premium timber within Australia.

I can’t find a particular recruit.

Sometimes the recruits refuse photos to be taken, or are injured within the time allocated for the shoot. However, there are usually some photos of them either action photos or portrait. Alternatively family members have had a hard time identifying the recruit in the challenge photos. If you require assistance indentifying recruits please contact us.

What photos can Reserve (28 day) recruits purchase?

Sharp Shot Images is only given access to photograph & film certain parts of the reserve recruit training and March out. Bayonet assault course training and challenge portrait photos are taken for the 35 day recruits.